my {long new year’s} weekend in pictures.


{So naptime went super well on Friday afternoon… She eventually went to sleep but there was definitely a dance party beforehand!}


{I know why so many pregnant women wear head-to-toe black: the bump disappears!}


{Enjoying some snuggles with Eloise.}


{The only way to end the year is with Snappy Dragon delivered!}


{Eloise was dying to get in on a game of Catan!}


{With family in town, we must have played at least five games of Catan!}


{Eloise loves her Paga! Isn’t it so fun when kids make up the names for grandparents? This one is definitely sticking around.}


{Eloise was all about the funny faces to entertain everyone at dinnertime.}


{And she loves her Grammie (or Mimi) so much too!}


{Eloise the jellyfish!}


{We took a family trip to the Aquarium on Sunday and it was so fun. Eloise and my sister loved the sea otters!}


{Thankful for these two as we started the New Year: Eloise and the bump. Also Sonnet James dresses are awesome as maternity dresses and absolutely work after the baby is born too!}


{Post-dinner shenanigans with Papa and Paga.}

Happy happy 2017! We were lucky enough to have my family – Paga, Mimi, and Aunt Yaya – come up to visit for a few days for a post-Christmas celebration. It was SO cold, but we had a good time staying in and watching football, and even venturing out a bit!

We (Eloise and I) were also so lucky to have Aaron home almost the entire holiday season (these past two weeks) even if we were sick for the first bit. It felt like a weekend every day which is much easier on this Mama! But, we are back to the daily grind starting tomorrow with Eloise headed back to school and resuming our normal weekly activities.

It is so crazy that the New Year is upon us since it has felt so far away for the past few months. Now we are kicking it into high gear and I will be ferociously hitting my to-do list before Baby Foot joins us in about 50 (50!) days!

How was your New Year’s weekend?


{And thanks to my sister for some of the pics!}

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