my weekend in pictures.

{In case you missed it on my Instagram or Facebook, we are teaching Eloise how to play hide-and-seek. She is good at hiding (with some help) but staying quiet is definitely a steep learning curve!}


{Eloise, Sadie, and I have been walking around the block either before or after lunch these days since by the time she gets up from her nap in the afternoon it is basically dark. And just in the past week it we have gotten much colder, so its out with all of our winter gear!}


{On Friday I watched the Huskies win the Pac 12 Championship! Such a good game. Excited (and nervous) to see them play Alabama in the play-offs!}


{December means Christmas tree shopping. Eloise wasn’t too sure about all of those tall trees and spent most of the time up on Aaron’s shoulders. We did find a great tree though, its little but so cute! I decorated the top half while Eloise napped this afternoon, and Aaron and Eloise decorated the bottom half while I was at Pure Barre.}


{Christmas decorations all down from the attic! I am always amazed by how many boxes there are since it doesn’t seem like I have that many decorations!}


{Eloise sitting with her two ornaments she got this year. Every year as a kid my mom got my sister and I Christmas ornaments (many of which now hang on our tree) and it is a tradition I wanted to continue! Earlier in the week Eloise and I hit up Target and I let her choose her ornament for this year. Of course I couldn’t say no when she wanted lumberjack Santa and a lion!}


{I came home from my workout to find my two best people hanging Christmas lights. Well, Aaron was hanging Christmas lights and Eloise was dancing to the Christmas music! But then she got super distracted by my bag and insisted it be in the picture.}


{The start of the week means packing a lunch for Eloise! I have enjoyed this a surprising amount, but get back to me in May when I am packing her PB & J and goldfish crackers!}

We had a super chilly and festive weekend getting ready for Christmas! I was a little bah-humbug on Saturday and decorating anything seemed like way too much work, but by this afternoon, I was ready to get everything up. And as usual, the weekend went way too quickly!

How was your weekend?


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