project baby #2 {weeks 26 & 27}


I completely forgot to bring our SD card to Boise, so I didn’t have last week’s picture to post, so here’s week 26 & 27!

{week 26} Not a lot to report for the week. Some very mild heartburn has shown up (mostly after dinner) but nothing too terrible. I had some heartburn with Eloise at the end of my pregnancy, so it feels normal.

Since we spent the week in Boise for Thanksgiving, I was without Bertha (aka Gertie) my pregnancy pillow which definitely messed with my sleeping! I didn’t realize how much that pillow helped me sleep until I didn’t have it.

Baby Foot_Week 27.jpg

{letter board: Letter Folk // tunic: Old Navy (old)}

{week 27} Last week of my second trimester. I can’t even believe it. Seriously.

I feel noticeably bigger this week and am definitely growing out of some more of my non-maternity clothes. The good news is that the few maternity clothes I do have are starting to fit quite nicely!

My knuckles are swelling already which happened the last time around. I pretty much can’t wear my wedding band without fearing it will never come off, but my engagement ring still fits (it is sized slightly bigger) at least for now. I also smashed my hand in the car door on our way to the airport this weekend and nearly crushed my left middle finger… and then I couldn’t take any ibuprofen. That stinks.

I saw my midwife yesterday for a check-up and everything is great! My weight gain is slow and steady, and my blood pressure is low (which is great!). She also measured my belly which is measuring at 26, so just a few weeks small, but that is the way I was with Eloise pretty much my entire pregnancy, so nothing to worry about there. It is always nice to have that number so that I can assure people (mostly strangers) that this baby is growing properly, I just don’t have the big belly yet!

We also got to hear Baby Foot’s heartbeat; there is nothing as amazing as hearing that sound and it always makes me tear up! My midwife also was able to find the umbilical cord on the Doppler and it sounds like horse hooves since it is blood traveling both in and out of the cord – super cool!  I also had to take the 1 hour glucose test this morning, you know the one where you have to drink the super surgar-y drink and then have your blood drawn. Fingers crossed I passed and don’t have to do the 3 hour one! We finished up the check-up with a few quick reminders about signs of pre-labor (spotting, consistent contractions, leaking, etc.) which is so crazy to think about. We are getting so close to meeting this baby which, for me, is bittersweet. There is nothing like holding that baby for the first time and then having a squishy and cuddly newborn in your arms, but since this is more than likely my last pregnancy, I do feel emotional about not being pregnant anymore.

And here are my 26 and 27 week updates with Eloise!

Happy (26 and) 27 weeks!


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