project baby #2 {week 25}


{letter board: Letter Folk // tunic: Old Navy (old)}

{week 25} Mostly feeling the same this week as I did last week, though slightly bigger in my belly. Judging from my posture in my picture though I think some of my belly getting bigger is actually me swaying my back more. I am really working on not doing that since I know it’s not good for me (& I can feel it in my back later on!) but even in my update two weeks ago in the outtake with Eloise my belly looks a lot bigger since I am arching my back while I hold her.

I feel like we are getting really close to this due date, even though I know we have to get thru both major holidays (& my birthday!) before this baby is ready. But, since I know this time of year is always so busy, I am trying to plan ahead and make sure I am checking things off the list now if they are easy to accomplish. Along these lines I haven’t totally come up with a cohesive plan for the new nursery, but know what I want for the big stuff (minus the rocker, crib, and dresser that we are re-using from Eloise’s nursery) and just waiting to pull the trigger on those items to see if I can save a bit on Black Friday. I am hoping to get a moodboard together soon, and if I do, I will certainly share!

Baby Foot is moving so much these days which is such a treat! I have had quite a few Braxton-Hicks contractions which normally tell me I need to be slowing down… sometimes not as easy as it sounds with a toddler though!

And here is my week 25 bump with Eloise!

Happy 25 weeks!


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