let’s vote! {election 2016}

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You all know I hate to be political, but Election Day 2016 is finally here. Love it or hate it, after today we will know the results of the election, and I pray that the campaigning will end.

A few months after Eloise was born, I stopped watching or reading the news (I know, it makes me a terrible person in some ways) but hearing all of the terrible, horrible things that were being covered by the media made me really very sad about raising this next generation. And then the coverage of this Presidential Election started (so early this time around, right?) and I about lost it because it is everywhere, all the time. Plus, we’ve been getting local candidates ringing the doorbell at super fun hours (hello dinnertime and bedtime), so no one is more excited than me for the election season to finally be over!

But, as much as I am absolutely disgusted with the state of this election, and the meanness and fear-mongering that has resulted, I do want to encourage everyone to VOTE today (if you haven’t already)! While it seems like things are bleak and maybe like your vote doesn’t even matter, voting is a privilege and it is one that you shouldn’t take for granted. So please, please be sure to vote!

And there isn’t just the presidency on the line this ballot, but state and local elections as well. If you are unhappy with the government (and honestly, who isn’t right now?), it starts with your state and local governments. Read up on those local candidates and initiatives and measures to make sure your voice is heard. We are lucky in Washington to have a big voting pamphlet that accompanies our ballot that includes information about all of the candidates and all of the proposed measures and initiatives. Aaron and I take voting pretty seriously and set aside a pretty big chunk of time to reading up before we vote; sometimes it sparks some great conversation, especially if we feel differently about issues, and makes me excited to teach our kids about civic engagement.

And here’s a fun fact to leave you with: I have never voted in a voting booth! By the time I was old enough to vote in elections, I was out-of-state at college, so I absentee voted in Idaho. And then when I changed my residency to Washington, I discovered that all voting is done via mail. So likely I will never, ever vote in a booth. Or get a sticker… they should send those in the mail with your ballot!

Happy Voting Day!


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