my weekend in pictures.


{Peek-a-boo! I see Eloise! She loves this game still! And it was all fun and games until she slid off a pillow and banged her head on the corner of my nightstand…a little cut but she didn’t even cry!}


{Manicure round 2. I haven’t had polished nails for months, but decided to bust out the polish for our Christmas card photoshoot this weekend. But, the first time around I mistakenly used a top coat instead of a base coat, so my polish started chipping like crazy!}


{Eloise post-photoshoot this afternoon. Her dress had pockets and she was obsessed! We got rained out on Saturday morning, but this afternoon was sunny and beautiful!}


{A little baby bump at Barre this afternoon!}


{Sometimes my meal plans don’t stretch to Sunday (or we are just tired of cooking!) so we headed out for dinner this evening. Love these two dates of mine!}


{I picked up this gooey caramel pumpkin cake from TJ’s for Halloween, but we didn’t end up wanting it until tonight. Boy it was so yummy!}


{I was editing photos tonight for the Shop and (soft) launched most of the Holiday Collection, so go check it out!}


{And as I was doing some online perusing tonight, I came across this on Brickyard Buffalo – it’s my flags you guys! 25% off and $3 shipping all week!}

We had a great weekend and, despite the photoshoot reschedule and the pouring rain on Saturday, we had a super productive weekend! And football-wise, it was great too: the Broncos won on Friday night and the Huskies won last night (in the looongest game ever…)! And we had the most beautiful fall day today, and I hope the weather lasts all week! I am in denial (still) about it already being November, but it’s been a pretty good start. Especially since Eloise wasn’t up an hour early this morning! Stupid daylight saving time.

How was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures.

    • Hi Reema! That’s actually the Roman shade on our window! We have just a bed frame with no headboard since the bed is right up against the window. Thanks for reading!

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