friday I’m in love.

Welcome back Friday!

{one} CUBS WIN!


{throwback to this summer when we saw the Cubs at Wrigley Field!}

So unless you have been living under a rock for the past day, you know that the Cubs finally (finally) won the World Series last night! It was such a great series and, in my opinion, the best way for the series to go: the Cubs were down three games and came back to force not only a seventh game, but extra innings!! Now that is history. And I admit that Aaron and I have become fair-weather fans since it seems so hard to keep up with all of the games thru-out the season (plus, the Mariners… it can be hard to watch), but we both had a soft-spot for the Cubs from the start. Congrats Cubs!!

{two} Fall Floral Arrangement How-to.

west elm - Fall Floral Arrangement

{via West Elm’s blog Front + Main}

One skill that I would really love to hone (or have, really) is floral arranging. My sister is a champ floral designer and can make even a grocery store bouquet look amazing. So jealous! I saw this tutorial for a fall floral arrangement in my Instagram feed and I am sort of dying over those dahlias! I don’t think I will actually be doing any arrangement this extensive for some time (although I think it’s easier than I think!) but if, on the off-chance I do, I will be sure to share! Any floral arrangers out there?

{three} The Petite Flag Shop Flash Sale!

And since it’s a big event that is coming up on Monday (the 7th), I thought I would give you all the head’s up: The Petite Flag Shop will be having a big flash sale!

I have talked about Brickyard Buffalo before (and have picked up a few goodies over the past few months) as a site that does flash sales for (mostly) small businesses like mine. There are some really amazing deals and such cute stuff, so even if you aren’t in the market for a flag (but really, I think you are!) you should head over and see what’s trending.

Anyways, flags will be discounted and you can get two flags that aren’t available on the Shop site yet: one for a nursery and a Christmas one!

And be sure to check out what Kendra’s loving this week! How about you?



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