my weekend in pictures.


{Aaron came down with me to West Elm on Saturday to host my Pop-Up Shop! Thank you to everyone who called, texted, messaged, and came to visit on Saturday – it meant the world to me. Foot traffic was pretty slow in the store (it was sunny, there was a big UW game, etc.) so we didn’t have a ton of opportunities, but we did have a few sales and I was happy to see a few friendly faces stop by! I say it was a successful event and has me excited for my next event in a few weeks – I will keep you posted!}


{Feeling the love from West Elm Seattle. Thanks to Melissa for helping coordinate the event.}


{Post-Pop-Up Shop beers – IPA for him, root beer for me. Have you ever had root beer on draft? It is amazing!}


{Since it was sunny this morning, I convinced Eloise to help me re-plant my front pots with mums and clean up the deck a bit. Well, it didn’t take much convincing at all since this kid loves to be outside!}


{Post-barre snuggles with the bump and my two loves. Eloise has been super into her pizza lately and always wants Papa to help her make it.}

We had a really fun weekend that felt so productive! It was such a big time for me and The Shop, and I can’t thank everyone enough (especially my hubby who is my biggest cheerleader!) for the support.

And this morning we woke up to fantastic weather (again, we had great weather on Saturday too!) and I got to sleep in, lovely! We spent the rest of the morning outside cleaning up the yard after the big storm we had and generally just prepping for the fall. And after missing both classes last week, I made it to Pure Barre and it felt so great! Gearing up for a busy week and the last of October, what? Seriously. This has been the fastest month ever!

How was your weekend?


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