project baby #2 {week 21}


{letter board: Letter Folk // tunic: Old Navy (old)}

{week 21} I have been feeling so great recently! My energy levels are pretty much back to normal and my headaches & nausea are pretty much gone (hooray!). And, I am finally starting to feel pregnant. It might sound crazy but just this week I have started to change my mentality (especially with clothes) from trying to hide it to embracing it. By that I mean I was wearing super loose clothing and lots of baggy tops because I just felt big in my belly (but not pregnancy bump big). And now I am finding myself grabbing a lot more fitted tops. I particularly like these tanks and long-sleeved shirts from Gap Maternity to layer under sweaters, cardigans, or vests.

I also (finally) was able to alter my old Madewell jeans into maternity jeans! I talked about doing that during a weekend post some weeks ago, but my first attempt wasn’t very successful. I was hesitant to take out much of the waistband and had pretty small elastic (just a few inches) so I didn’t give myself much room to grow. I basically ended up wearing them like my old jeans with a rubber band around the button which completely defeated the purpose of sewing in elastic panels! But then I did some searching for another tutorial (see here) and then discovered this really wide elastic on Amazon. I then cut the entire front pocket out of the jeans and used a super sharp denim needle with a zig-zag stitch (helps keep the stretch!) and it worked. The only really hard part was sewing around the rivets which I definitely hit one and my machine did not like that… But if you are interested in making your own maternity jeans, let me know because I have so much elastic left over!

And finally this week, I thought it would be fun to look at some of the old wive’s tales on gender prediction to see where we are with Baby Foot:

{heart rate} if the baby’s heart rate is above 140 beats per minute, it’s a girl; if it’s under, it’s a boy. GIRL – the baby’s heart rate was at 158 bpm.

{ring on a string} if the ring swings in a strong circular motion, it’s a girl; if it moves in a to-and-fro motion like a pendulum, it’s a boy. GIRL – definite circular motions!

{cravings} sweet – it’s a girl; savory – it’s a boy. GIRL – craving anything sweet!

{acne} more acne – it’s a girl; no acne – it’s a boy. GIRL – I have had a little bit of acne (or pimples) show up from my first trimester until now.

{dreams about baby} INCONCLUSIVE – I have had a few dreams about the baby & being pregnant, but it has never been a specific gender. (same as with Eloise!)

{chinese lunar calendar} based on the mother’s birthday & month of conception. GIRL

{the mayan tale} the mayans take the mother’s age at conception and the year of conception and add them together. if the result is an even number, it’s a girl; if it’s odd, it’s a boy. BOY – odd number.

{midwife’s test} my previous midwife desiree (who moved to another hospital, sad!) said that if leg hair growth increases, it’s a boy, and if it decreases or stays the same, it’s a girl. GIRL (same as Eloise!)

obviously it overwhelmingly looks like Baby Foot may be a GIRL based on this random sampling of old wive’s tales. I guess we will find out in February! Plus, if it means anything, I still think this baby is a girl!

Here’s my 21 week bump update with Eloise if you are curious!

Do you think Baby Foot is a boy or a girl? Happy 21 weeks!


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