project baby #2 {week 20}

Baby Foot_Week 20.jpg

{letter board: Letter Folk // tunic: Old Navy (old)}

{week 20} Holy halfway there. Seriously. I know I am going to say this for basically the duration of the pregnancy, but I can’t believe we are already this far along! We are going to have a baby in 20 weeks! (And maybe less than that since I never officially hit 40 weeks with Eloise!)

The biggest thing about this week is that we got to see Baby Foot in the 20 week ultrasound yesterday! Oh my goodness, I forgot how amazing it is to see the baby like that on the screen. There were lots of things for the technician to check and everything looked fantastic & perfect: brain, heart, stomach, kidneys, umbilical cord, lips and soft palette, feet, hands, placenta, amniotic fluid, spine.

Baby Foot was moving around quite a bit and is currently breach with his or her legs completely folded up by the head. We have a picture of it and when Eloise saw it after she got home from school, she copied the pose & folded herself in half – the cutest!

Baby’s heartrate was average at about 149 beats per minute. The old wives’ tales tell us that a faster heartbeat is indicative of a boy and a slower one is indicative of a girl, but Baby Foot is right in the middle. (And I am remembering I did a post with all of the old wives’ tales to see if we could guess the gender – I will start a post for the near future!) And Baby Foot is also tipping the scales at 13 ounces which is in the 45% for babies this far along in utero. So only 7 more pounds to go until he or she reaches Eloise’s birth weight! It’s crazy to think about how much and how fast this baby is going to grow in the coming months…

Also, messy hair, don’t care? I was headed to Barre right after this week’s picture (which is usually the case) so I didn’t bother to dry my hair… In my mind it can dry cute, but it really can’t!

If you missed it, here is the bump earlier this week that I shared on Instagram (in real life – unfiltered & uncropped!):


And here’s my 20 week post with Eloise if you are curious!

Happy 20 weeks!


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