my weekend in pictures.


{E and I hit up Starbucks for a special snack before my midwife appointment on Friday morning. Thankful the stores carry some snacks that aren’t loaded with sugar!}


{Once Papa got home from work, Eloise helped make pizza. It was so yummy and has become a weekly tradition.}


{On Saturday morning these two hung out so I could get some much-needed sewing done for upcoming events for the Shop – mainly West Elm. Eloise insisted on wearing her Halloween costume all day and it was delightful to see her in it. Aaron and Eloise took down the guest bed that was temporarily set-up downstairs to make room for some upcoming room transitions (Eloise is moving into our old office downstairs and Baby Foot will move into the nursery).}


{I was able to get a short photo session done for another big event coming up this fall. I will let you know the details once everything has come together!}


{While I was so, so nervous about the Husky game this week since it was against Oregon and in Eugene, it appears I had absolutely nothing to worry about! UW dominated the Ducks from the first play (an interception) and never looked back winning 70 to 21. Go Dawgs!}


{Eloise raided her school backpack & insisted on putting on her rain jacket and her hat despite not having pants on. It was really pretty cute. Sidenote: even though it looks like it, Aaron IS wearing pants!}


{Eloise gave Baby Stella a bath in her sink this morning. It was so sweet. She is going to be the best big sister you guys!}


{Trying to get work done every minute that I can for the next few weeks (well, month)! There will (hopefully) be lots & lots of flags headed out of the Shop between now and December.}


{My Sunday afternoon Barre class is my favorite. I really crave the time to myself and the feeling that I have after I’ve had a really good workout! I finally got to try the new sticky socks and let me tell you, they did not disappoint! They are slimmer, more fitted, and super sticky even on the toes which makes a huge difference! If you do barre at all, pick up a pair!}

It felt like such a fall weekend here in the PNW with blustery weather. And I sort of liked it. After feeling so hot all summer long, I am so ready for the cool. Plus, it meant I wasn’t tempted to leave the house to run unnecessary errands when there is so much to do around the house. We have been working so hard to get a few big projects done around the house and we are just wrapping up one that I cannot wait to share! There doesn’t seem like there are enough weekends left in October… seriously, can time slow down!

And, first thing tomorrow morning after we drop Eloise off at school, we get to go to our ultrasound and see Baby Foot! I will be sure to share all the details in this week’s bump post.

How was your weekend?


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