my weekend in pictures.


{On Saturday morning we headed to T’s birthday party where there were tattoos. Eloise didn’t want one at the party, but she put a few in her gift bag to bring home. And as soon as we got home she wanted one on each hand, and she has been sporting them all weekend long!}


{I finally got some sewing done for the Shop this weekend!}


{Go Seahawks! Honestly, I missed most of the game – though I heard it from the other room – and had to head to Barre before the end of the game, but I am still happy for the win!}


{Eloise found her turkey costume in her closet this afternoon and insisted on wearing it all evening. Even on our after-dinner walk. It was the cutest! You can tell she is saying “cheese!”}

What a weekend! I didn’t get a single thing on my to-do list done, but the weather was perfectly sunny & crisp, and today was a great mama’s day: toddler-free breakfast with girlfriends, quick afternoon nap, & Pure Barre. Thanks to my awesome hubby for watching Eloise & getting things done around the house!

How was your weekend?


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