friday I’m in love.

Welcome back Friday!

{one} This Is Us premiere.

This Is Us - Season Pilot

{via NBC}

I am pretty excited that all of the network shows are starting their premieres after a summer of binging on Netflix & Amazon Instant Video series. One show that I hadn’t really heard anything about but we happened to catch the premiere of was This Is Us. It is supposed to be the replacement for Parenthood which I never watched, but after just one show, I am hooked! I cried (a lot) but mostly because one of the characters gives birth (but let’s be honest, everything makes me cry these days!). So if you missed it, catch up on the premiere and watch it this week!

{two} Scandinavian Swimmers.

{via Trader Joe’s}

If you know me, you know I love all things gummy & I had a particular fondness for Swedish Fish. However, I gave them up a few years ago because of the (toxic) food dye. Boo. Since I have been craving sweets this pregnancy, I was ecstatic to find these Scandinavian Swimmers at Trader Joe’s which are essentially Swedish Fish but are naturally dyed! You wouldn’t even know that the red lobsters aren’t Swedish Fish unless you are looking at the shape. And while I know they really aren’t great for me, I am happy to have an alternative for my sweet tooth!

{three} Happy Fall!

Easy Fall Decor with Just Destiny Mag-17

{via Just Destiny blog}

I am not sure anyone is more excited that it is fall than me! And Seattle has been giving us some seriously awesome fall days – sunny & a little warm with just the start of leaves starting to turn. Fall has some big things in store, including some big stuff going on with The Petite Flag Shop after having a long summer hiatus. I have a small Fall Collection to release in the coming weeks & a huge event coming up next month. I will be sure to share all of the details soon. Until then, Happy Fall Y’all!

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What are you loving?



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