my weekend in pictures.


{We ended a morning of shopping with a pizza lunch & Eloise got to play with some pizza dough while we waited for our food.}


{We spent Friday night at the Sadliers’ house for family dinner night which was so fun! These three had a great time playing with each other & getting ready for bed, and the parents got to enjoy a fun game night post-bedtime. Thanks for hosting us Sadlier family!}


{While Eloise napped on Saturday I finally got some sketching done for the Shop! I have a few big things happening this fall & I am so excited to share them with you.}


{This morning we headed to the Zoo with Grammie & got to see the tigers really close up. Usually they are on the far end of the exhibit & really hard to see, so it was such a treat to have them so near the glass. This tiger had just walked right in front of E & me!}


{E loved having Grammie to help hold her up at the exhibits!}


{Dinner was Snappy Dragon take-out. Yes, please! I mean, why else do I go to Pure Barre on Sunday afternoons?}

We had a fun weekend with Grammie in town! Even though the weather was pretty rainy on Saturday, we didn’t let it stop us from having a good time. And today was the perfect fall day – a little crisp but so, so sunny! I am loving that fall is in just a few days.

How was your weekend?


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