project baby #2 {weeks 11 to 15}

So, catching up on the next five weeks (see the first five weeks here):


{week eleven: This week we celebrated Eloise’s birthday with a big party at the house. Some of our closer friends already knew the news, but we went ahead & told everyone else since we never know when we will see anyone in person. I was feeling so much better this week. So tired still, but my nausea had subsided.}


{week twelve: We celebrated Eloise’s second birthday! We also had our second pre-natal appointment with midwife Erica. Everything was looking great & we got to hear Baby Foot’s heart on the Doppler – there is nothing more amazing than hearing the swooshing of that little heart! David, Jodi, & the kids were in town from Charlotte so we had a busy weekend exploring the city. I was having a tough week physically with lots of nausea & sinus headaches, so I made sure I was resting in the afternoon when E was down for a nap.}


{week thirteen: Last week of the first trimester! We opted for some minimal screening and got to do an early ultrasound which we didn’t do with Eloise. So we got to see Baby Foot who was so well-behaved for the ultrasound tech. It is crazy to see a baby that early because it looks like a baby at the 20 week scan, but then it’s only a few inches long – crazy! Everything came back within normal limits, so we are excited about that! I started feeling less sick this week, but still tired & having headaches. And, I started wearing a rubberband around the button of my jeans, my Madewell ones which have no stretch!}


{week fourteen: Hello Second Trimester! Getting to twice a week Pure Barre classes, with some modifications. It is wonderful to get in a good workout & I am hopeful I can continue to go until my due date, just like with Eloise! Still feeling a bit sick with headaches & nausea, but mostly just so tired.}


{week fifteen: We officially announced my pregnancy this week (here in case you missed it!) which felt pretty big. But then it also felt like old news in a way since we have known for such a long time! Feeling a big more like my old self, but being careful  not to push myself too hard; when I do, I find that I get nauseous and my headaches start. No good! Definitely enjoying my elastic-waisted pants these days.}

{letter board: Letter Folk // tunic: Old Navy (old)}

If you are curious, check out Project Baby with Eloise here!

I should be able to do actual weekly updates now that we are all caught up. My “new week” starts on Wednesday, but since we don’t usually have a chance to get a picture until the weekend, each weekly post will be of the previous week.

Happy 15 weeks!


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