project baby #2 {weeks 5 to 10}

If you missed the BIG announcement, catch up here!

This time around I thought it would be fun to wear the same shirt for all of my weekly pictures. It was a little tricky finding a (non-maternity) shirt that I already had that would eventually fit over a nine-month belly, but since I am a huge advocate of non-maternity maternity clothes (I loathe anything over-the-belly or super tent-like!) I came up with this stretchy striped tunic from Old Navy. And instead of doing fruit as a comparison of the baby’s size (like I did for Eloise) each week the letter board will state an inanimate object for size reference.

I don’t remember if I shared during my last pregnancy, but Aaron and I came up with a name to call the baby while it was still in utero, since we didn’t know the gender & hadn’t decided on any names. For a while it was either Felix or Phoebe the Fetus, but Phoebe stuck & that’s what we referred to the baby as for most of the nine months. This time around Aaron & I came up with Cletus the Fetus which we used a bit until Eloise came up with a new name: Foot. When we asked her what we should name the baby weeks ago, she told us “Eloise.” We told her that would be confusing to have two Eloises in the family, so she told us “Two.” But then quickly said “Foot” and started to giggle. She thinks its really funny, but we’ve held strong & refer to the baby as Foot. So, at least once a day Eloise asks to see or say hi or hear Baby Foot’s heart beat (she will say “listen Mama” since at the last midwife appointment we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat!). It is the sweetest you guys.

Also, this time around we are not going to find out the gender. Again. It was fun last time & it sort of seems irrelevant at this point for both Aaron & me, so since there is nothing we can do about it at this point & everything we need or want will basically be the same, we are going to wait until Baby Foot is born to know his or her gender as well as pick the name. I will do a gender prediction (based on old wives’ tales) in a few weeks, but for those of you keeping track, I think this one is a girl! Don’t ask me why, maybe it’s premonition, or maybe because this pregnancy feels so much like my pregnancy with Eloise (& I was right with her – I knew she was a girl very early in my pregnancy)!

And, as a sidenote, maybe let’s not comment on my bump, at least just yet. Ironic, right, since I am posting pictures to document this growing bump. As much as I adore being pregnant (& I seriously do adore the second and third trimesters), I am still really weird about my body, particularly what other people tell me about it. These posts are to share updates for friends & family, as well as for Baby Lower to see some day, and I am trying not to be hard on myself or too critical. So, until I am really obviously pregnant, please don’t tell me that I am “starting to look pregnant.” That’s the WORST thing you can say to someone who is pregnant (& what someone has already told me, seriously?)! See my end-of-post comment here.

Okay, rambling over. Here’s my first five (documented) weeks in review:


{week five: We had just found out we were expecting the weekend before we left for our big Midwest trip, so I was traveling early in this pregnancy! I was a bit reluctant (honestly) to share the news since it was so early, but we wanted to be able to tell family in person, so we did!}


{week six: In Indiana. We shared the news with most people by sticking a note in Eloise’s pocket that said “BIG SISTER” and then having her show them. It was pretty fun! I started having nausea in the car (we drove quite a bit) and also out on the pontoon boat, so that wasn’t too fun.}


{week seven: We were in Chicago for the first part of this week & it was SO HOT! I started getting sinus pressure headaches from the heat which have, sadly, continued.}


{week eight: We had our first pre-natal appointment with midwife Sarah who attended Eloise’s birth. Baby Foot was measuring right on track for a February 22nd due date & we got to do the first ultrasound! I also started going back to my normal one to two Pure Barre classes each week.}


{week nine: My mom & dad (or Mimi and Paga) were in town visiting. I was feeling pretty nauseous this week.}


{week ten: Eloise & I were in Boise this week visiting, and the trip to & from was a bit rough. I have never been great in a car (motion sickness) but pregnancy makes it so much worse. Luckily I was able to sit in the front seat, which helps tremendously, & not get sick! The heat in Boise (triple digits) definitely made my sinuses hurt, so I enjoyed the indoors a lot! And the plane ride back wasn’t too bad until the very end as we were making our final descent. There was one sharp bank that nearly sent me over the edge & I was doing everything to not throw up all over Eloise who was in my lap! When we got home, Aaron & I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary! Oh, and I got my haircut.}

{letter board: Letter Folk // tunic: Old Navy (old)}

If you are curious, check out Project Baby with Eloise here!

Happy 10 weeks!


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