my weekend in pictures.



{Eloise has been super into tea parties lately and it is the cutest thing ever!}


{We spent some time enjoying the afternoon shade & some chalk while we waited for Papa to come home on Friday.}


{After running a few errands on Saturday afternoon, we hit up Gas Works Park for a few minutes. Eloise had never seen the view of the skyline from the park, so that was a must! It was such a pretty day to watch the boats on the lake, the planes taking off & landing, & all of the people at the park.}

After the park we met Ben & Sarah for a drink at Miir in Fremont. And there was this insanely adorable puppy outside. These photos are amazing!



{Seriously, puppies & toddlers!}


{We tried a new food truck for dinner on Saturday since we were all starving and it was too late to cook. An interesting name, but we will be back for the potstickers & curry!}


{Saturday ended up being really hot, so I ran out to Safeway on a popsicle run, Fudgsicles specifically. And then we watched a few episode of Bloodline. It’s a little slow but I know it’s going to get good!}


{Eloise wanted to wear the Ergo this morning with her baby doll Stella and then pretty much wanted to wear it all day long, even though it is SO big on her! I know they make Ergos for little kids & I need to find one for her. She was so sweet with her baby, rocking & patting & shushing & making sure she had her paci. It is amazing what she has learned from watching Aaron & me!}

We had a pretty low-key weekend which explains why there aren’t too many pictures to share. Gearing up for an eventful end of July!

How was your weekend?


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