my weekend in pictures.


{Started the weekend off right with the Dixie Chicks! My friend Jenna & I had a fun girls’ night out without the babies or our husbands. It was a great show & I hope it’s not another 10 years before they go on tour again.}


{Sadie’s new favorite napping spot is under the dining room table.}


{We hosted a PEPS playdate on Saturday morning & the kids got along so well! Eloise gave hugs all around.}


{Eloise had some quality time at the playground before dinner on Saturday.}


{During Eloise’s nap today we finally went thru and organized our freezers – the one in our refrigerator & the chest one in our utility room.}


{After being out of town, the yard needed some work – I am in charge of the flower beds & Aaron is in charge of the grass! – so we headed out this afternoon. Eloise thoroughly enjoyed herself & helped me weed & clean up the beds. And have you ever seen such a stylish gardener?}

After being away for so long & then hitting the ground running, we needed a nice, slow weekend. There were lots of naps, laundry, & unpacking. We are gearing up for the coming week & mid-July?! And Eloise turned twenty-three months today!

How was your weekend?


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