my weekend in pictures.


{We met up with the Andersons for coffee on Saturday morning, & Eloise & Jaz had a great time playing together. Eloise loves playing with my keys!}


{On Saturday afternoon we went to a first birthday party for our little friend Willow. Eloise had a fun time with the balloons, bouncing house, & slide. Happy Birthday Willow!}


{Summer means the Nordy’s Anni Sale is right around the corner. I love the sneak peak catalog. Better start saving my pennies since Early Access is in just a few weeks! And for those that have asked, the Skip Hop mat we have in our living room was a big sale find I found last year.}


{Nice weather meant we took a family walk after naptime. Aaron wanted an extra-good workout, so he Ergo-ed Eloise. We ended up down at a local  beer pub. Pies & Pints, for a refreshing beverage & snack!}


{Bright & early Sunday morning we hopped in an Uber & then on the light rail headed for the airport. Mount Rainier was out on our ride over & it was so beautiful.}


{After a relatively uneventful flight to Chicago – Eloise did SO well! – we jumped in a rental car & headed to Indy.}


{Nearly our entire drive into Indiana was under dark, gloomy rain clouds. And we just a got a little bit of rain & also this double rainbow!}

We are in the Midwest this week visiting Aaron’s family & enjoying the hot summer weather! The flight went so well, & Eloise did a great job drawing and entertaining herself. No meltdowns & we didn’t even have to bust out the TV shows we brought as back-up! She napped for about 30 minutes but was in a good mood, so we didn’t think too much of it. Even the car ride went well though we were all SO ready to be done travelling. We got into Aaron’s parents’ house late & then Eloise fell apart. She did not want to go to bed & got really hyper since she was so tired. Poor kid. After lots of tears, Aaron finally got her to sleep (in the wee hours of the morning). Fingers crossed we will transition to East Coast time soon & we’ll get our good sleeper back!

How was your weekend?


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