my weekend in pictures.


{At breakfast on Saturday morning Eloise figured out a new way to eat bagels: with one finger thru the hole!}


{After Aaron & Ben moved the fence up, it left this little tree right in the middle of the yard, so Aaron moved it up to the otherside of the fence. Slowly but surely we are prepping this new space for raised beds!}


{Saturday night we were able to get out for an early birthday date night! Musashi’s in Wallingford was just what we needed! Thanks to Jess & Cale for watching Eloise! You can see some of their shenanigans here.}


{And conveniently Molly Moon’s ice cream was right down the street from dinner, so even though it was cold & a little rainy, ice cream cones were in order!}


{And we couldn’t have the Andersons over without playing a round of Catan! Jess pulled out a pretty big win!}


{Date night attire means heels & jewelry. A nice change from my normal toddler-friendly wardrobe.}


{This afternoon we celebrated little Nora’s first birthday party! Eloise loved the balloons.}


{And while Eloise & I were out, we just so happened to be in West Seattle to hit up Bakery Nouveau for some French deliciousness. Arguably some of the best French pastries in the city! Breakfast tomorrow is going to be awesome.}


{Aaron & Ben being goofy on FaceTime tonight. That is Aaron’s face but Ben’s mouth. Eloise thought it was pretty hilarious.}

We had a really fun weekend seeing friends & playing lots of Catan on both Friday & Saturday nights! It was a little colder & rainier than we would have liked, but we got some good work done in the yard & are looking forward to celebrating Aaron’s birthday all week long (his real birthday is on Tuesday!). I am having trouble believing we are approaching the end of May, but am excited about the kick-off of summer. How was your weekend?


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