friday I’m in love.

Welcome back Friday! Did this week fly by for anyone else?! I swear it was just Monday…

{one} UW Research Studies.

UW Study

Shortly after Eloise was born, we received an email from a research group at the UW asking if we would want to add Eloise to a pool of babies for future research studies. Of course, we said yes, and she has done like five or six studies! Ranging from hearing tests to robots, it has been really fun to have her be a part of these studies & learn all about what types of theories and studies they are up to down the street at the U. If you are local to Seattle & want to lend your child to a study or two, they are always looking for new participants! Eloise has always seemed interested in the study (or else we wouldn’t keep taking her) & she always gets a toy & $10 (which we put into her savings account) at the end. Plus, such a small world that I ran into a blog follower & local mama with her daughter just this week at a study – hello Maggie & Elizabeth!

{two} Easy Tomato and Tortellini Soup.

Creamy Parmesan Tomato and Spinach Tortellini Soup:

{via Closet Cooking blog}

We have been really good the past year or so about eating dinners at home & probably eat out just once a week (including weekends!) which means that meal planning can be serious business. Since I refuse to make Eloise a separate meal (though she isn’t too picky) I do have to keep in mind that our meals have to work for all of us. I also try to keep at least half of our meals meatless. I try to keep meals simple and often will rotate in a repeat meal each week (I am keeping track of recipes we have liked over on Pinterest) & this Tomato & Tortellini Soup has been in the rotation a few times over the past month. It is SO good & SO simple, especially considering it is a soup from scratch. I serve it with cheesy bread & a side salad (with fruit for Eloise). Plus, it is really good as leftovers. Enough said.

{three} Summer!

'cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year's all about...:

{via Long Distance Loving blog}

We are experiencing some definite spring gloom here in Seattle, but that doesn’t mean summer isn’t right around the corner! Hello Memorial Day weekend (soon)! I have been working hard on the Summer Collection for The Petite Flag Shop so stay tuned. (And there may or may not be a giveaway involved, so check in with the Shop’s Instagram or Facebook late next week. Wink wink.) And, be sure to place your order for Charlotte’s flag and get free shipping!

What are you loving this week?


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