my weekend in pictures.


{Up until this weekend we have had absolutely gorgeous sunny weather (like summer in May!) so we have been spending a lot of time outside. Eloise is discovering sidewalk chalk & is a pretty big fan.}


{On Saturday morning after a quick morning playdate, Aaron & Ben worked on moving our side fence up to the front of the house. We want to protect that front window – which is currently our office – from the street as well as give ourselves some good space for raised beds. I had to run out and rent a jackhammer to help get the fence posts out of the old concrete, & Aaron & Ben seemed to have a pretty good time with it!}


{Meanwhile Eloise & I hit up Whole Foods to get some sandwiches for lunch. Eloise is super into stickers lately, especially when she is in a shopping cart – thanks Target! – so she was pretty impressed with these huge stickers we got at the deli so we could check out before our sandwiches were ready.}


{Thin Mints, Scandal, & a sleeping toddler = a great Saturday night!}


{I have been hitting up Trader Joe’s right after my Sunday afternoon barre class, mostly because it is peony season! Oh those blooms!}

We had a pretty mellow weekend with no real plans except for Aaron to move the fence, which ended up being a success! It was grey, rainy, & a little cold, so any other outdoor plans were foiled, but we managed to keep busy & get a lot of things done inside the house. I have been attempting to do a big spring clean these past few weeks & feel like I am finally making some progress! And we are gearing up for a busy but fun week!

How was your weekend?


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