my weekend in pictures.


{You know it’s spring when the Roosevelt High School marching band starts practicing in our neighborhood during the week! Eloise was so obsessed with those big kids. Our neighborhood is just the BEST!}


{Eloise napping on Friday. How is that even comfortable? It hurts my neck just looking at it…}


{Our rhodie is in full bloom and our neighbor finished the trellis on the top of our fence. The backyard is starting to become my new favorite place.}


{Aaron brought a keyboard home for Eloise so that they can hack together!}


{We headed out to Flower World in Snohomish County this morning, and oh my gosh, there are so many plants! We were a little overwhelmed, but after we found the map of the greenhouses (seriously!) we were on our way. Eloise loved the wagons.}


{I think she had the best time of all of us!}


{It is really terrible lighting, but I planted my first containers this afternoon for our front porch!  I am super excited for them to start growing. Happy Mother’s Day to me!}


{We spent the end of our weekend down at Greenlake and had an awesome view of the lake (minus the cars!) along with pre-dinner drinks and nosh with Ben and Sarah. Such a beautiful city we live in!}

We had the best weekend! It was sunny and warm, and things got done, and we got to hang out together, and it was so fun! Even though I know we are going to get a cold spell again before June (it happens every year), these past few days have gotten me so excited about the summer! How was your weekend?


P.S. If you need a Mother’s Day gift, head over to The Petite Flag Shop and use MAMALOVE for 25% off! If I have orders by Tuesday, they should make it by the weekend!

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