my weekend in pictures.


{We went to the Zoo on Friday morning and got to see the jaguar up close!}


{And we had a picnic lunch, though Eloise was more interested in the people and crow watching than actually eating anything. Plus, she managed to keep on a hat most of the day! That fedora kills me.}


{And all of that sun and fun put her right to sleep, even though the drive home is only about 15 minutes. And sadly, she did not sleep one more minute in her crib during naptime…}


{On Saturday morning we had a playdate with some of our PEPS friends and had breakfast at View Ridge Park. Eloise loved this bubble machine that her friend Linnea brought. I think we may have to get one for this summer!}


{And after another playdate on Saturday afternoon, Eloise dug in the dirt with Aaron. We thoroughly enjoyed the nice weather on Saturday!}


{The past two weekends we have done a long family walk on Sunday morning since the weather is nicer, and today we went around Greenlake. It was a little chilly, but sort of nice to not be baking in the sun yet. Sadie loved being near the lake, and while Eloise had a good time, she would have much rather run around instead of being in her stroller. But then we would still be walking around Greenlake at toddler-speed…}


{And I decided I should probably buy some peony plants to get into the ground before peony season really kicks off next month! I have figured out why people really get into gardening since it is pretty fun and really rewarding to see all of your hard work, but man can it be expensive to get plants! We were holding off to re-plant our flower beds this spring (after the work last fall) but I think it is going to take a few seasons before we have everything bought and planted in the beds according to our design!}

It was a really fun weekend that felt like it was a good mix of catching up with friends and also getting things done (errands and around the house). The weather all week  has allowed us to be outside in the evenings before and after dinner, and all weekend which has been so nice and such a good change after having such a horribly wet winter! I know the warm and sunny weather won’t last until summer (since we always get cool again before our late summer weather really kicks in) but we are trying to enjoy every minute of this early spring! How was your weekend?


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