my {long} weekend in pictures.


{We left home very early on Thursday morning to the airport. It was Eloise’s first bus & light rail trip!}


{Eloise loves the stairs Grammie & Grandpa’s house. And we found my old backpack which Eloise wore on & off all weekend!}


{Eloise enjoyed the fountain & the giant Easter duck at The Village shopping center before lunch.}


{I spent a LOT of time editing photos for the Shop this weekend & site is live if you’d like to take a peek. The Petite Flag Shop officially opens on Wednesday morning for orders!}


{Grammie & Eloise painted with watercolor, & Eloise loved it! The pieces were even cropped & framed so I will share soon!}

{We had dinner with my brother & sister-in-law, & Eloise liked hanging out with their dog Aspen, including giving her high-fives!}


{Eloise had a little trouble with the time change one night & we had a fiesta in bed for a minute before it was back in her own bed!}


{We got to get together with the girls & babies from home on Saturday morning which is always amazing! We missed you Meg & Em!}


{The Petite Flag Shop went live this weekend!}


{Eloise was supervising while Grammie & Papa hung up her swing.}


{Eloise was telling Grandpa & Grammie how much she loved the sweet potato fries at dinner! This was proceeded by her dumping almost an entire cup of water on her & Grammie…}


{If there is a beer sampler, Aaron will drink it!}


{Eloise & Grammie had lots of fun drawing with chalk this weekend.}


{Eloise in Grammie’s old rocking chair. It plays music when it rocks & Eloise loved it! Also, those pigtails kill me!}


{Bye bye Boise, it was fun!}


{Our flight out of Boise was scheduled right in the middle of Eloise’s nap & then we were delayed, so we were thankful when Eloise went to sleep right after take-off! She slept only about 40 minutes, but it was better than nothing! What a sweet little babe.}

We spent the long weekend in Boise visiting my parents – obviously – & had a really fun time! The weather was a bit colder than I thought it would be, but still felt spring-y which was so appropriate since it is now officially spring! We are back home & gearing up for a new week. It should be a fun one since I am launching the Shop this week! How was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “my {long} weekend in pictures.

  1. Good luck with the new business, Misha.
    I think Aaron looks like Cari in the first photo, and Eloise resembles him in the fiesta picture.

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