my weekend in pictures.


{While we were out enjoying the sun at U Village on Friday – & maybe doing a little shopping! – Eloise decided she wanted to push the stroller. And so it begins…}


{Working on a piece for the Shop for a good friend. Really excited for the coming weeks. Stay tuned!}


{Aaron took advantage of a dry Saturday & did some yardwork – trimming, weed-whacking, mowing, weeding. The yard looks so great!


{I got these matching dresses for E & me in the mail this weekend & I am SO excited to wear them.}


{We had a lazy morning this morning & Eloise had already had finished her breakfast by the time I got upstairs. But, of course, she needed to have some of my oatmeal! She is learning how to use a spoon which is great, but requires so. much. patience.}


{With dinner guests on Sunday & Monday night, we headed to the store for a rare Sunday shopping trip. Eloise was helping me make a list!}


{Setting up the tripod so I can start photographing for the Shop this week. EEK!}

We had a bit of a slow weekend since Eloise & I were still getting thru the end of our cold, and the weather was a little crazy, especially today – wind, rain, sun, a rainbow. But, now that we are thru Daylight Saving Time, I feel like we are so, so close to spring & I can’t even stand it! How was your weekend?


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