my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise figuring out how Papa’s watch works. If you ask her what time it is, she will look at her wrist – the cutest!}


{In an effort to have nice flowerbeds, I took advantage of the sun on Saturday morning & weeded the front flower bed. It looks amazing now. If only the weeds would never come back…}


{On Saturday afternoon Aaron & I got a day date in while Sara & Colin watched Eloise – thanks guys, she loves you! We headed to the Eastside to a couple’s baby shower & it was so pleasant to eat & drink & chat without running around after a toddler. And, the weather was absolutely gorgeous!}


{We got home from our date & headed to dinner at a friend’s house – with Eloise – which was SO fun! Dinner was amazing so was the conversation. We also were introduced to this super fun card game called Bohnanza! It probably helped that I won – hooray! – but we are definitely getting this into the game mix at the Lower house!}


{We put Eloise to bed in a pack n’ play since we weren’t at home, so we had to wake her up to get into the car. She was so sweet that I had to take a picture!}


{These two, I don’t even know what I am going to do with them sometimes! Eloise was helping Aaron do push-ups. Shenanigans!}

We had a super busy Saturday & then a pretty lazy Sunday which was really kind of perfect. Eloise was at daycare on Friday so that I could have a fun Mama day with shopping & lunch – the best! – but picked up some type of cold bug. Seriously, I don’t know how it even happens, she was only there for 6 hours! But she did, so Aaron & I are doing our best to avoid getting her cold! Eloise is a little raspy & has a bit of a cough, but seems in pretty good spirits most of the time, though she doesn’t seem to have much of an appetite. We are looking forward to the coming week & hope there isn’t too much rain! How was your weekend?


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