my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise & I hit up the post office on Friday for some stamps, & she loved dropping our letters into the mailbox!}


{We went to BabyJam for a music class on Friday morning with some friends. It took Eloise almost the entire class to “warm up” but she loved the music, singing, & instruments!}


{Um, Fuller House anyone? I only got thru the first episode since Aaron won’t watch it with me. Super cheesy, but nostalgia will get me thru the entire series!}


{As we were getting out of the house on Saturday morning, Eloise decided she wanted in the driver’s seat!}


{We hit up the Aquarium with some friends & caught the end of the fish feeding. Eloise liked to watch the scuba divers!}


{We met up with the Andersons for yummy burgers on Saturday night to celebrate Cale’s birthday – happy birthday! So delish, but we were all SO full…}


{When Jaz is over at bedtime, you better believe she is going to read Eloise a story! Right after this picture, Eloise put her head on Jaz’s shoulder… it was so sweet! And once the baby was down, the parents could play (Settlers of) Catan which is basically Aaron’s favorite game!}


{Meal prepping a crock pot for a (hopefully) less frantic Monday!}

We had a weekend with a few plans to see friends & also had friends staying with us (who were in town for a wedding), though it seemed like a bit of a lazy weekend which is just what we needed! Sadly, the nice, sunny weather that we had earlier in the week didn’t show up for our weekend so we didn’t get nearly as much done outside as we were hoping to. We are gearing up for another week (closer to spring!) & looking forward to one extra day in February. Happy Leap Year! How was your weekend?


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