my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise stacked all of her blocks in a tower on Friday morning (all by herself!). I was pretty impressed!}


{Eloise’s Aunt Yaya – my sister – sent a Valentine’s Day card with stickers & Eloise was (& still is) obsessed. She put the stickers all over the card & then waved it around when I asked her to say “cheese” for the camera. You can also see her little lip wound from last weekend; it is healing up really nicely!}


{We had a birthday party bash on Saturday morning & it was so fun to have all of our friends over to celebrate & catch up. This is the only picture I got, but it was SO fun to see everyone. A house full of friends & babies – it doesn’t get much better than that!}


{After the party, Eloise went down for her usual nap, but we had friends over when she woke up. She was unusually snuggly with Aaron & took a few minutes to really wake up. I LOVE this picture of them!}


{So all of our friends know me really well because they all brought flowers!! You guys, this is the best, I have a bouquet in every room – in the kitchen, dining room table, dining room sideboard, guest bathroom, our bathroom, office, & my nightstand! It’s like a dream come true!}

{We hit up U Village for dinner on Saturday since we spent all morning cooking & baking for the party & Eloise loves the slide!}


{We finally did it – we got a Costco membership! Five and a half years of marriage & one kid later! I still don’t know how we are going to consume anything of that size, but it’s worth it even for the diesel!}

It was such a FUN weekend since not only was it sunny & so beautiful on Saturday, but we got to celebrate my birthday with all of our friends. Seriously, we throw birthday parties every year (so now it’s three per year) & it is always the best time! The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxing & we tried to just get a few things done to start the week. Plus, I am in disbelief that it is the end of February already, what? At least we get one more day this month, right? #happyleapyear

How was your weekend?


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