my {long, birthday} weekend in pictures.


{aaron came home from work with these beautiful tulips!}


{selfie with mama & eloise!}


{ah, this girl!}


{eloise & her papa.}


{apparently we like green cups & containers… basically the only real gender neutral color in kids’ stuff these days! we hit up Uneeda Burger on Friday for dinner with eloise’s uncle ben & aunt sarah.}


{& then we stopped by molly moon’s for a pint, because, why not? it was my birthday weekend!}


{I have replaced our big black bookshelf in our living room with a new one & have finally started styling it with stuff we have around the house. I had SO many books on the old one, & picked just a few to be on the new one. & I had fun decorating book covers for them out of kraft paper.}


{aaron got me lots of flowers this weekend, including these beautiful paper flowers from The Lovely Ave. I am slightly obsessed!}


{thanks facebook!}


{aaron also made me these skewers: strawberries, toasted marshmallow, & brownie topped with milk & white chocolate drizzle. so good, but you can only really eat one since they are SO rich & sugary!}


{eloise opened her Valentine’s Day cards & presents from her grandparents.}


{we have started teaching eloise to feed Sadie by getting a scoop of kibble & putting it in her bowl. she can walk the scoop from the pantry to the bowl, but we are apparently still working on getting the all of the kibble in the bowl! as aaron said: #nailedit}


{we brunched on sunday morning for my birthday – after I got to sleep in! – & eloise & aaron had way too much fun with the highchair on wheels!}


{family picture. if only eloise had been smiling. funny because she was in a really good mood that morning!}


{this afternoon we had a bit of a scare which sent us to urgent care for a few hours. eloise & I got home from a playdate & she almost immediately went head first into our coffee table. I was sitting on the couch next to her & saw the entire thing – it was brutal! there was a lot of blood & she was really scared. once I got the bleeding to stop, I could tell she had cuts on the inside & outside of her bottom lip. I called aaron to have him come home since he was down the street working at a coffee shop. once he was home we piled into the car & headed to Children’s Hospital Urgent Care. eloise was in really good spirits & her mouth didn’t seem to be bothering her at all while we waited – forever! – to see the doctor. aaron & eloise had a fun time spinning on the doctor’s stool while we waited.}


{the doctor didn’t think she really needed stitches (it would have been just one) because it would have required sedation, but they did numb her outside lip with a topical ointment to make cleaning it easier & less painful. eloise wasn’t thrilled about the check-up & did not like the Band-Aid! third time was the charm on that one & I finally got her to sleep for a few minutes since, of course, this was all happening during naptime!}


{the nurses rolled eloise up like a burrito before they irrigated her outside cut. eloise wasn’t happy about it at all, but she did really well. now it is just waiting for the cut to heal & hoping it doesn’t leave a scar!}

It is always fun to have my birthday fall on the long weekend – then the celebration lasts all weekend! We had a pretty mellow weekend with not a lot planned which was what we all needed. Three-&-a-half hours in urgent care wasn’t how we wanted to end the long weekend, but with a toddler, it was bound to happen at some point, right? Eloise doesn’t seemed too bothered by her cut & is acting completely normally, including eating, so hooray for that! How was your long weekend?


4 thoughts on “my {long, birthday} weekend in pictures.

    • Thanks Layne! Yeah, it’s so hard! I am working on trying not to react right away but I knew this one was so bad! Rite of passage in parenthood is the first urgent care visit, right?

  1. Poor E! I’m so sorry! Those burrito/straight jacket things are the worst, Kenley has to be in one too for her stitches and it was absolutely horrible. Glad she is on the mend. Lavender oil would help with the healing and (non) scarring! xoxo

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