my weekend in pictures.


{I took the car in for service on Friday morning & the only loaner available was a Beetle. I was dying because the Beetle is basically my dream car, but so, so impractical, especially with a little. Thank goodness it was a convertible so I could put the top down to install the car seat! The seat actually fit, although no one would have really been able to sit in the front seat. And in order to get Eloise out of her seat, I had to go in thru the driver’s side, into the back seat, & take her out (or put the top down!). We didn’t drive with the top down since it was pretty cold & I feel like it’s not very safe to drive with the top down & have a car seat in the car? Needless to say, we didn’t run too many errands on Friday!}


{My naptime project on Friday was to start a refresh project on some of Eloise’s cloth diapers. The diapers are all in really good shape, but the elastic on the legs has stretched & is causing some leaking. BumGenius makes these refresher kits & it was a pretty easy process, just a little time consuming. Hopefully I can get into a rhythm & get them all done soon!}


{Last week I started painting our entryway & stairwell, & it is an on-going project. I have been trying to squeeze it in anytime that I can to ensure I will get it done by the end of this week – eek! It looks SO good & I can’t wait to show you the finished project.}


{On Saturday morning we hosted a little playdate with these lovely ladies. They are daughters of two ladies I went to law school with & it was so fun to catch up & see the babies together!}


{Sunday morning we hit the store for some gameday food supplies & stopped at Einstein Brothers for a bagel breakfast. The chocolate chip bagel is SO delicious! And, today I solved the riddle & won a free bagel!}


{Aaron made a super easy & yummy tomato, cheese, & bacon bake for us to nosh on during the game. It was super yummy & we had blue corn & sweet potato tortilla chips to root on the Broncos!}

It was a fun weekend, but geez it flew by! I feel like I had a lot to do with the painting project so having the SuperBowl this afternoon helped balance that out since I actually watched the game (well, as much as you can watch while having a toddler around). We had friends come over for the game that have a son that is the same age as Eloise, so it was fun for her to have another playmate around (she was super social this weekend!). And we are gearing up for another week (the last one of my thirtieth year!) & I am keeping my fingers crossed that the sun will stay out! How was your weekend?


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