my weekend in pictures.


{I picked up Aaron from work on Friday afternoon, we grabbed lunch, & headed east for a night away together. We stayed at Salish Lodge up at Snoqualmie Falls & it was so gorgeous! That is the lodge to the left of the falls.}


{Meanwhile, Eloise was at home with Grammie having SO much fun. And apparently making a mess!}


{Eloise & Grammie do lots of fun arts & crafts including coloring & clay.}


{Back at the Lodge, Aaron & I enjoyed a couple’s massage – the best! – & this awesome sundae after dinner.}


{I decided since it was date night that I should class it up with my fancy pants (which are old J.Crew to those who have asked) & heels. It was my attempt at pattern-mixing & I think it was a success!}


{Our view from lunch on Saturday before we headed back to town. This is downriver from the falls & you can see three little waterfalls splashing down.}


{Eloise is loving coloring these days!}


{After brunch with a few girlfriends, my mom & I headed to U Village for some retail therapy, & Madewell was having a sale. Score! I have been eyeing these Skinny Skinny jeans for a while – to replace my beloved Paige jeans that just stretch out too much during wears! – & they were marked down, plus an additional sale. Basically it was meant to be! I have a good feeling these are going to be my new favs!}

We had such a fun weekend, thanks to my Mama who flew into town so that Aaron & I could spend a night away. It was my first night away from Eloise & there were only a few tears when I left (mine, of course!). The Lodge & the Falls were so gorgeous & even though it was a little cold & I didn’t bring the warmest clothes, we had the best time together & even got in a quick hike on Saturday afternoon. This morning started with brunch with one of my best & oldest girlfriends who was in from Boise at, of course, Portage Bay. Pretty much any meal spent there is a good one! And the rest of the day has been just hanging out which is much-needed going into the new week.

How was your weekend? Also, how is it already February tomorrow?


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