my weekend in pictures. 

{another day, another project. and one that involves painting things.}

 {a much-needed manicure & latte on Friday!}
 {and another project. picture ledges in our hallway for a family picture gallery. so, so excited! oh, and I just finished painting those walls!}

{Aaron has a James Bond-themed work party & I learned how to play Black Jack!} 


{we paid a babysitter, I rented a dress, Aaron borrowed a tux from a friend, and we hit the town all dressed up and it was so fun!}

{Aaron comparing his wingspan at the Seahawks exhibit!}

 {my store list. one guess which person in our house made the list!}

We had a fun weekend getting a few projects done around the house & having a much-needed date night! And we watched a crazy football game where the Seahawks didn’t show up until after halftime… Eloise came down with a cold (after a week of a stuffy nose) on Saturday morning and we are trying to get thru it without too many casualties (no sick parents please!). How was your weekend?


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