my weekend in pictures. 

{Eloise was on a napping strike Friday at daycare but fell asleep 3 minutes into the car ride home!}

{Our office is a little Santa’s workshop as I am attempting to hack this IKEA kitchen for E for Christmas.}
{putting my advent calendar to use as overflow for hanging Christmas cards!}

{Aaron made mini salted caramel cheesecakes for a Christmas party we went to in Saturday. They were so delicious!}

{The holiday party we went to on Saturday was a “bite” party, everyone brings a bite of an aperture and dessert, and then everyone votes on their favorite! We didn’t win but were a crowd favorite!}

{We ventured on for a family walk on Sunday before it got too dark. It was a little cold but E didn’t mind being all bundled up!}

{These two cuddle bugs watching some football.}

How is it already Monday, and really Christmas is at the end of the week? I am excited to celebrate but where did the entire month of December go? We had a good, pretty low-key weekend with a good amount of hanging out with friends and also just hanging out in our jammies. I got to take a nice long nap on Sunday afternoon and the Seahawks won, so I call that a win! How was your weekend? 


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