my weekend in pictures.


{yay for the Broncos game being on ESPN Friday night. boo for a tough loss!}


{Eloise likes to take apart the Xbox remote, it’s one of her favorite things. On Saturday she took it apart & then hid the back. When we asked her where the back of the remote was, she went into the kitchen & laid down on the floor, looking under the stove. Aaron got a flashlight to look, & sure enough, the back of the remote! #toddlershenanigans}


{The entire Lower family came down with a cold – thanks Eloise! – & we made a pit stop at Bartell’s for necessities before hitting the road.}


{as we started into the Blue Mountains in Oregon, it was so, so foggy! & then we were above it & it was so pretty!}


{Eloise has a large noggin’ & it is almost big enough to wear an adult hat (like mine)!}


{we arrived at my parent’s house in the dark & close to bedtime, so once we fed, bathed, & put Eloise to bed, we enjoyed a pizza & cable (football)!}

Towards the end of the week, Eloise & I both started coming down with colds, & by Saturday night, we were all sick! Not horrible, but E’s two days at day care the past two weeks has definitely effected the Lower house. Immune systems building! We had zero plans for the weekend, which ended up being fantastic, except for driving to Idaho for Thanksgiving. We are hoping to be all on the mend by Thursday for the big feast! How was your weekend?


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