my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise liked pointing at the fish while we waited for her 15 month check-up!}


{reading stories while we waited for Dr. Susie.}


{working on the dessert table for Friendsgiving.}


{Eloise & Aaron had a music/dance party on Friday evening. Eloise loves holding the phone up to her ear!}


{making cranberry sauce – so, so delicious!}


{trying to get a picture of all the kiddos!}


{Friendsgiving after-math. I need to get bins to store all my décor!}


{after washing, I organized all of my brass flatware.}


{that is Eloise waving at me while I try to take pictures of the yard – for a future post!}


{Eloise snacking at her new table & chairs. I am working on getting her to sit still while she snacks; it is going as well as you would expect…}


{Eloise discovered she could hold this colander up to her face & see thru the holes. She loved it!}

On Friday Eloise had her 15 month check-up & it went well. She is right on track with development, & has a 95th percentile head (!) & is in the 50th percentile for both height & weight. Her doctor (she’s really an NP) was pleased with her growth, her walking, her teeth, & the fact that she is weaned from a bottle. Eloise had two vaccines & barely even cried. Tough kiddo!

Almost immediately after her check-up, Aaron & I dropped Eloise off at day care. Yep, day care. First day ever I haven’t been with her. It was really hard. I cried, but Eloise didn’t, when we left. I made sure she was distracted when we left so she didn’t see us walk out the door. Apparently though, she only cried one time; the kids were outside on the playground right before lunch, so I am sure she was cold & hungry. She slept just 20 minutes (!) during nap time (there is only one nap for toddlers) but ate a great lunch! The teachers told me she was happy & socialized really well (even for a kid that stays at home with mama all day!). When I got to her room to pick her up, she didn’t see me at first. Once she figured out I was there, she started to cry. And then I started to cry. But it was really good, the entire thing. We are proud of our little E! I am still going to stay home with Eloise, but day care will be a sometimes thing, so I am glad it went well for all of us.

And during the time when Eloise was away, I got to getting the house ready for Friendsgiving. It took me nearly three hours, seriously, to set the tables, but that included washing all of the flatware & ironing those darn tablecloths! Plus, I took my time because I knew I wasn’t on the clock (like I usually am during nap time). And then I took a shower & washed my hair, & it was glorious! It was wonderful to have a “day off” but I sure did miss that little bug!

Saturday was busy & Friendsgiving was SO fun! There is a big post to come later this week, so stay tuned. Today was such a lazy day since we were completely exhausted from the week, but was much-needed so I am trying not to feel guilty about doing next to nothing!

How was your weekend?


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