my weekend in pictures.


{lately, eloise wants to have her sunglasses on & will keep them on for a few minutes. on Friday, she wanted them on while we were grocery shopping!}


{world series – go Mets!}


{Lower family pumpkins 2015.}


{we had the Andersons over for Halloween & these little ones love each other.}


{the start of our neighborhood’s annual Halloween parade, complete with the drumline from Roosevelt High School. have I ever said how much I love our neighborhood?}


{our friends Elliott & Emily & their puppy Winnie – last seen here – also joined us for the Halloween festivities. Winnie was SO tired!}


{no get-together is complete without Cards Against Humanity – the kids were asleep!}


{on our way home from brunch this morning, Eloise’s entire cup of milk dumped into my diaper bag. I was literally pouring milk out of my wallet & the bottom of the bag… this was Aaron’s solution for a drying rack! Luckily, everything seems to have cleaned up well & I didn’t ruin the car key in a puddle of milk.}


{seahawks at cowboys. tough game & it wasn’t pretty, but we won!}


{we didn’t get any family pictures on either of our phones – it was wet & windy, but a total fail! – so this picture of Pebbles & Dino will have to do until I get pictures back from Aaron’s brother. we took this photo with us last weekend when we dressed up as Fred & Wilma.}

We had a soggy, but fun weekend celebrating Halloween & the last bit of October. We took a family walk this evening & there was such a chill in the air – winter is coming! (Game of Thrones reference, anyone?) It feels like we are super busy already & we are only the first day into November! Christmas is only 8 weeks away… so much to do! How was your weekend?


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