PEPS Date Night Challenge Kick-Off!

As I had mentioned a while ago here, PEPS (our most favorite group!) is kicking off a Date Night Challenge & it is officially here. Consider October the month of date nights! And, yours truly (& Aaron) are featured front-&-center on the website! (Check it out here!)

Whether you live in Seattle, or elsewhere, if you have kids or are empty-nesters, treat yourself to a date night this month. This campaign is set-up like the old Ice Bucket Challenge, but instead of dumping an ice bucket on your head, you get to go on a date! Then you make a donation to PEPS (pretty please!) & then challenge a few of your friends or family to join in on the fun & get out on the town.

Aaron & I have a date night to a Halloween party towards the end of the month, but are also hoping to get in one more date night too! Last time we were out on a date it was dinner & a movie which is my favorite! Maybe we should do that again. Any good movies to see?

Take the Date Night Challenge

How It Works 

  1. DATE. Get a (Wonder)sitter, go out, & have fun! All types of dates count so be creative: dinner out or in, a walk, girls’ or guys’ night out – you name it!
  1. DONATE. If you took the challenge, please consider a donation to PEPS – any gift, big or small is appreciated and helps us create more supportive villages for new parents.
  1. CAPTURE. Take a photo or video of your date night to share with PEPS on Facebook and you will be entered in our prize drawing! Use the hashtag #PEPSDateNightChallenge and tag @ProgramForEarlyParentSupport  (please note: your post must be public for PEPS to see/receive it).
  1. CHALLENGE. Share the fun & challenge at least three of your friends to a date night of their own by tagging them in your date night post.
  1. WIN. If you participate in the PEPS Date Night Challenge, and tag @ProgramForEarlyParentSupport in your facebook post, you will be automatically entered for a chance to win a fabulous prize. Please note: To be entered to win, your post has to be made public.

Date Night Challenge Prizes
(Check back for more prize offerings)

Free babysitting will be offered by Wondersitter to all Date Night Challenge winners!

Consider this my challenge to you for Date Night! Thanks for joining in on the fun!


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