my weekend in pictures.

{Elliott & Amanda came over for a playdate on friday, & the kids had SO much fun together!}

{started a new sewing project – hint, it’s our Halloween costumes – & I am pretty excited about it!}

{eloise cheered on the boise state broncos to a HUGE win!}

{eloise joined us in the yard on saturday so we could get some work done. she enjoyed watching Sadie, clapping, waving, & pointing at the airplanes.}

{a/c out which means it is officially the end of summer.}

{our neighbor is helping fix the fence & it is looking so good!}

{car wash. eloise’s first. we opened up the screen on the sunroof & she was mesmerized!}

{pre-dinner time shenanigans. these two!}

{eloise has discovered the entire DVD collection since we moved sadie’s dog bed to another part of the living room.}

{eloise’s new favorite thing is looking out the windows, in the living room & in the kitchen. & when she sees her papa outside, she squeals with delight!}

we had a pretty low-key weekend (again, I know!) which was nice for us to get a lot of much-needed things done around the house before life is going to start getting a little crazier as we head into the fall. how was your weekend?


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