friday I’m in love.

welcome back friday! this week we are kicking-off a linky party for each friday post & we would love for you to join us. if you have a blog, join in on the fun below, & if you don’t have a blog, leave a comment!

{one} gray malin prints.

{Coogee Wave via Gray Malin}

{Postiano Beach via Gray Malin}

as I finally feel like I am able to devote some time to decorating the rest of the “new house,” I find that I am looking to art in the space as one of the first design pieces. we have accumulated a lot of artwork over the years, but I have been slow to hang it (back) up because I don’t LOVE all of it. on my list is to go thru all of our un-hung art & figure out what I like (& where to hang it) & what I don’t like & need to re-home. but, I do know that we need some new pieces of art & I am really loving these beautiful prints by gray malin. Some of them are really quirky, but he captures amazing views! I am thinking the empty wall in our bathroom could house a few prints in the future! {& I love some of the really whimsical prints – llamas & balloons!}

{two} grilled peaches.

Grilled Peaches with Honey & Vanilla Ice Cream

{via Add A Pinch}

this is the first year we have had a (gas) BBQ & we have Aaron has been grilling everything! It has been great with the overly hot summer weather we had this year in Seattle, but also because we can try new recipes. grilled peaches have been a summer favorite, especially since the peach season was so good this year. I linked a recipe above (which looks delicious) but we have been changing the condiments a bit: a drizzle of caramel syrup & crumbled oatmeal cookies! as the recipe states, be sure to use really ripe peaches & start the peaches flesh-side-down on the grill before flipping.

{three} Styled by Emily Henderson.

Styled_bookcover 2

{via Emily Henderson Studio}

I may have professed my love for Emily Henderson before, but I am doing it again as her new book Styled is about to hit shelves. If I could have her come design our entire house, I would! but since she is based in LA & I haven’t won the lottery recently, picking up her new book will just have to do for now…

what are you loving this week?


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