my {long} weekend in pictures.

{watched the UW vs. BSU game that was in boise on friday. it was a pretty crazy game, especially at the end, but ultimately the broncos won! but still, go dawgs!}

{eloise loves to point & reach towards things these days.}

{this is what it looks like right before eloise destroys this kitchen cabinet!}

{finally fell asleep for her afternoon nap 5 minutes before we got to our house in seaside…}

{grammie brought a big, musical chair for eloise &, of course, she loves it!}

{cuddles for papa.}

{our river view from the house. so pretty!}

{& another view of the river on the way to the beach.}

{eloise’s first trip to the beach!}


{so happy!}

{family toes in the sand.}

{holy saltwater taffy. aaron had to put the kibosh after 2 pounds!}

{Sadie lady enjoying the view & the sun.}

{eloise playing in the grass. despite her face in this pic, she loves it!}

{baby + snack cup = food for dogs! dot, sadie’s littermate, is here with grammie. Sadie is on the right!}

{eloise waiting for lunch.}

{papa teaching eloise how to play jenga.}

{oh that river view!}

{enjoying an afternoon snack out in the yard.}

{such a beautiful sunset.}

this long weekend are in seaside, oregon with my mama (grammie)! we drove in this weekend & have been spending the past few days acclimating to this little beach town & enjoying the last official weekend of summer. eloise has been loving the time with her papa & grammie, & also experiencing the beach for the first time! how was your weekend?


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