friday I’m in love.

welcome back friday! be sure to pop over to see what kendra, mary beth, amanda, laura, aileen, jessica and ashley are loving! we would love for you to join us. leave a comment and we’ll come check out what you’re loving each week!

{one} jet city device repair.

{via Jet City Device Repair}

if you know me, you know I am clumsy. I am constantly hitting my knees, elbows, & shoulders on things, & this includes dropping things. like my iphone. all the time. I recently had to have my phone screen repaired when I dropped it & the top of the screen shattered. it is such a bummer. the previous time was last fall when it fell out of my pocket onto our concrete laundry room floor (& it was brand-new). aaron found this repair shop & they are awesome! they take appointments (often same or next day), are reasonable with price, & guarantee the work! the locations are currently in seattle & chicago, but if you are in either of those places & are in need of a repair, check them out!

{two} little green notebook playhouse.

{via Little Green Notebook}

jenny over at Little Green Notebook is a design genius. I have been a fan for a lot of years (she was the first blogger I started following) & has given me so many ideas (including everyone’s favorite IKEA hack sputnik chandelier!). her most recent project is insane. this is a playhouse for her daughters. seriously, swoon! eloise, dream big!

{three} homemade sodas.

{via Oh Joy! blog}

as many of you know I am not a big drink drinker. by that I mean I like water: ice water, sparkling water. but, I do occasionally like something fun to drink. not a big surprise that Joy Cho is sharing a post on fun simple syrups to make homemade soda. I love the idea of making simple syrups to store & then to add with sparkling water later on!

what are you loving this week?


P.S. we are excited to be introducing a link-up party next week for our Friday I’m in Love series and we would love you to join. think about what you’re loving and write a blog post about it. stop back here to add your link to the link-up party!

One thought on “friday I’m in love.

  1. The playhouse just brought back sooo many memories! Kyle and Brandon’s Dad, my deceased husband, built one just like that for the boys when they were little only we called it their clubhouse instead of a playhouse! It had the loft and ladder just like that on the inside, a front door and windows and a loft window! They loved it and it was a neighborhood hit !!

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