my weekend in pictures.


{eloise participated in a research study at the UW about fairness. she did SO well, even with this crazy, brain-wave-reading cap on!}

{our new car reminds me to take my cell phone! thank you VW for hiring a new mom to talk to your programmers about what your customers need in a car.}

{selfie with this mini me!}

{it took me well into the afternoon to figure out that eloise & I were dressed like twinners on friday – stripes & cuffs.}

{I will give you one guess who snuck into the house with muddy paws…}

{eloise was so interested in what papa was up to this weekend. oh power tools! & she looks like she has a mullet in this picture, but she really doesn’t!}

{I made these sweet potato waffles this weekend – a big batch! – to put in the freezer for quicker breakfasts in the morning. eloise was a fan this morning.}

{indian food family dinner at one of our favs Bengal Tiger. so good!}

{working on eloise’s thank you notes for her birthday. some day she will write her own!}

we had a crazy weather weekend – so much rain & storming. we had a low-key weekend which was good since we lost power for nearly three hours on saturday. luckily we have a white noise machine that is battery-operated & it wasn’t too hot (so no fan needed) so eloise slept for a lot of that time. it wasn’t horrible, but you never realize how much you use power unless you don’t have it! even though it was a nice reprieve from the heat & we got a sneak peek of fall weather, I am definitely not ready for summer to be over! how was your weekend?


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