my weekend in pictures.

{eloise helping with the laundry. so helpful!}

{we had such a big thunderstorm on friday!}

{oh these two. they love each other so.}

{eloise got a birthday package from her uncle david, aunt jodi, & cousins!}

{we made the first birthday rounds on saturday afternoon.}

{happy birthday Beatrice!}

{& happy birthday clive! eloise was pretty excited about this ball pit.}

{great aunt susan & uncle duane were in town visiting. eloise was showing susan how much she loved books!}

{writing eloise a belated birthday card for her time capsule. more details to come (hopefully this week!)}

{played some fibbage & drawful on the xbox with susan, duane, ben, & sarah.}

{aaron mounted our tv. it looks amazing!}

{sunday brunch with cale, jess, & jaz at an old favorite: portage bay café. so delish!}

{when eloise sticks her hand in her new snack cup for a couple of Os, she ends up spreading them all over the floor!}

{napping with her legs on on the rails. pretty typical.}

{checking out the new crib rail covers that I made. post to come soon!}

{so we may or may not have traded in our jetta sportwagen for an early lease return this afternoon. a new golf sportwagen is sitting in our driveway. we always end up getting new cars without meaning to!}

{eloise was pretty excited at the end of her dinner. & messy. she went straight into the bath!}

{white collar. on Netflix. we are addicted. in the middle of season five!}

we had a really fun weekend that was unexpectedly full of family & friends. lots of catching up which is always fun! it is hard to believe it is the middle of august, especially since we have had such cooler weather these past few days (isn’t this supposed to be the hot part of summer?!) but time is flying by! we didn’t get a lot done off of the old to-do list, but did get to a few big things which feels great. how was your weekend?
















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