my weekend in pictures.


{yep, this is super fun. take all of the wipes out of the container.}


{we got this new playmat for eloise from the nordstrom anniversary sale. maybe it will mean less head bonks on the hardwood floors as eloise learns to stand & walk.}


{now that eloise has learned to stand against this gate, she isn’t always sure she likes to be on the other side.}


{finally found a quiet moment to enjoy a face mask from an old birchbox. luxurious!}


{we stopped for lunch in yakima, WA & had a family picnic. it was the best thing ever.}


{being huge Serial lovers, we wanted to give this follow-up podcast a try. between road noise & a sleeping baby, we didn’t get thru much, but are still intrigued.}


{eloise is loving all of grammie’s cookbooks that she can pull out & read.}


{my parents’ dog lily is very sick & we have been enjoying lots of extra snuggles from this sweet girl.}


{sadie decided to take herself for a swim in the creek this afternoon. I guess she needed a bath anyways…}


{eloise & my sister, the birthday girl!}


{happy birthday anya! here’s to another great year!}

this weekend we drove to boise to visit my family. it’s so good to see everyone!

how was your weekend?


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