my {long holiday} weekend in pictures.


{eloise has been loving whole plums these days!}


{we had to say good-bye to our old fridge on friday. a few weeks ago the freezer stopped working, & then last week the fridge stopped. so we were thankful to have our chest freezer & used the freezer as a fridge for a few days.}


{on friday, aaron & the neighbor tore down & rebuilt two of the fences in our yard, including the one between our houses. there was lots of overgrowth of plants on that old fence!}


{eloise & me. I knew our eyes were similar, but seriously, the exact same eyes!}


{bye-bye old fridge!}


{eloise & I hung out in the shade to watch some fence progress, but eloise was really just interested in sadie.}


{day one in the yard complete.}


{oh this sweet little babe.}


{we attended the first (of many) of eloise’s friend’s first birthday parties this weekend.}


{this little bug just wants to cruise all along the sofa & coffee table.}


{pizza friday!}


{eloise got an early birthday present from grammie & grandpa, & she loves it. when you hit those balls with the mallet, they drop down onto the xylophone & make music. eloise likes to chew on the mallet & throw the balls, but that’s pretty much the same thing, right?}


{hello new fridge!}


{this is the start line for our neighborhood’s fourth of july parade.}


{happy fourth from the lowers!}


{some of the neighbor kids getting parade-ready!}


{waiting for the parade to start.}


{all of the kids at the starting line.}


{practicing her flag-waving.}


{my handsome husband!}


{singing the national anthem before the parade.}


{eloise, sadie, & aaron walked in the parade this year. sorry the photos are so bright!}






{we did some playtime with water on the deck this afternoon. eloise loved it!}


{& then I wrapped her up in a towel to dry off & she aged years. where did my baby go?}


{yay USA women’s soccer team! we joined the millions of other “fans” that watch women’s soccer once a year…}

it was a fun long weekend, but so, so hot! usually the fourth of july is cold & rainy, & marks the official start of summer in seattle, but we’ve been having hot weather (about 10 or 20 degrees hotter than normal) & coming out of the hottest june on record! needless to say, our A/C is working over-time. aaron was busy outside working on the fence & in the yard all weekend, so eloise & I hung out, & tried to stay cool. it was nice having him home though & around, even if we just saw him at mealtime! the fence is 99% done & I will share pictures soon! we didn’t have big fourth of july plans & didn’t even see any fireworks (we went to bed pretty early) but we grilled brats, corn, & s’mores. god bless america!

how was your long holiday weekend?


One thought on “my {long holiday} weekend in pictures.

  1. Loved all the pictures and loving that adorable little girl of yours. We had a good weekend also. Nice and quiet and spent some over due time on the boat!

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