eloise {week 46}


{onesie: American Apparel // bloomers: Carter’s // teething ring: Lifefactory Teething Ring}

{week 46} wiggly: the word of the week. now that eloise has discovered she can move around on her own, it is all she wants to do. she prefers to be standing with something in each hand & something in her mouth. the best things these days are things she isn’t supposed to have… we are working on moving things up from shelves (sideboard, bookshelf, coffee table) since eloise has easy access to these places now.

eloise’s newest trick (as of just this weekend) is to spin while sitting. she uses her feet to propel herself around & it is hilarious! of course, she usually has something in her mouth while spinning. the kid is a great multi-tasker!

just this week eloise has also learned to pull herself up to standing on our sidetable in the living room. it is the low shelf of this sidetable that has become an eloise play space & I store some books & toys there. before this week, she could only pull herself to standing on the coffee table as it is a few inches shorter. BUT, the coffee table is eloise’s favorite thing to help with her walking (see her here on instagram!). she is still pretty unsteady on her feet, but she is getting the hang of moving one foot in front of the other & is motivated by whatever is on top of the coffee table (mama’s cell phone, the remote, a glass of water, etc.).

waving has also become a new favorite thing. eloise will wave one or two arms when I say “bye-bye” or if someone is leaving the room (including herself!). & when she gets really excited, she waves both of her arms around (I guess it looks like flapping) which I think is her equivalent of clapping. some day her hands are going to meet in a clap, but until then, it is totally a coincidence if they do…

happy 46 weeks eloise!

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