my weekend in pictures.


{eloise has the best hair, but when it’s so hot, it gets a little crazy!}


{eloise’s preferred way to start & end her naps.}


{I actually got eloise’s first birthday invites in the mail!}


{eloise in her new sun hat. so stinkin’ cute!}


{eloise is obsessed with standing these days. & with this jar of sunscreen.}


{my two dinner dates!}


{mmm… molly moon’s! also, did the scoops get a lot bigger? this is a single scoop!}


{thanks rhett for bringing over coffee & donuts on saturday morning!}


{yes 90 degrees on our main floor. that’s the temperature inside the house. in other news, we have ordered an A/C unit for our living room!}


{we went to lowe’s on saturday afternoon & eloise was a bit overwhelmed by all of the things to see. we partly went because we had some things to pick up & return, but partly because it has A/C!}


{eloise & her papa playing. melts my heart.}


{eloise had her first green smoothie this morning & liked to wear it like war paint.}


{I didn’t get to pure barre this afternoon – I needed the workout but it is WAY too hot to workout! – but I did get to work on a sewing project!}


{last box of girl scout cookies that I rummaged out of the bottom of the freezer. they are delicious! but refer to my last comment…}

I had all sorts of things planned for the weekend & thought I would get so much done, but the heat just drained me. does anyone else feel super lethargic in the heat? also, my “springtime” allergies seem to have stuck around for the summer which really stinks when I can’t take any type of decongestant (because it effects milk supply) – boo. we took a lot of naps & are looking forward to a short week! (though, in actuality, I had no idea it was going to be a short week until I started reading everyone else’s updates…) how was your weekend?


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