my {long} weekend in pictures.


{grammie & grandpa put up a swing at their house for eloise. she loved it if you can’t tell!}


{eloise was obsessed with this toy of henry’s. it played music, had lights & a mirror – the trifecta of baby toys!}


{being in town meant we got to catch up with all of my best girlfriends from my childhood. plus their spouses & babes. the best!}


{my favorite lunch – mongolian bbq – with the fam.}


{we took the opportunity to be in the pool every day since it was so hot in boise! plus, eloise looks so adorable in her bathing suit. & that terry robe cover-up? I can’t even stand it!}


{grammie got eloise some wooden blocks & she loved them! we would build towers for her to knock over like baby godzilla.}


{happy father’s day to our number one guy! I was reading eloise the book “dada” since we got it for aaron, but she kept saying “mama!”}


{eloise got to rock in her grammie’s tiny rocking chair. it was so sweet!}


{yum, einstein brothers bagels at the boise airport!}


{eloise was super interested in the safety information card on the airplane this afternoon. she took it, the snack menu, & the Alaska Airlines magazine out of the seat-back pocket about a zillion times.}


{& aaron enjoyed his late afternoon mustache coffee in-flight.}

(obviously) we were in boise this weekend & it was so much fun. my dad’s birthday was last week, so we were able to be together with my family for a whole lotta celebrating! it was also great to see some close friends & just hang out. grandparents mean you actually get some down time during the day & it is refreshing – thanks mom & dad! this first official weekend of summer was fantastic & we are looking forward to an amazing summer! how was your weekend?


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