my weekend in pictures.


{eloise & I hit the grocery store on friday to pick up dinner for friends. she LOVES the grocery store!}


{if eloise is sitting & playing, this pretty much sums it up: one toy (or mama’s necklace) in her mouth & one toy in each hand.}


{good naps on friday also meant I got to get some work in on a sewing project!}


{friday evening aaron did dinner & bedtime with eloise & I took dinner to my dear friends & got to meet their new daughter nora. just a month old & so teeny!}


{it is cherry season & the lowers are enjoying it!}


{on saturday afternoon the roosevelt high school marching band – who practices all spring around the neighborhood – did a dress rehearsal complete with uniforms & police escorts. the best part is the parent paparazzi that follows them down the street!}


{eloise was reviewing the stack of restoration hardware catalogs we just received & planned out some décor for the house.}


{we watched jazmyne on saturday while her parents were at a wedding. yep, jaz just turned seven & is basically the same size as eloise, but with longer arms & legs.}


{aaron & jaz played a few games of yahtzee.}


{aaron did bedtime with the girls & jaz read eloise a bedtime story. so sweet!}


{standing is eloise’s newest trick & favorite thing to do these days. she can also pull herself up to standing. we are in so much trouble…}


{we set up the pack n play for eloise so we could get some work done in the office. she seemed to like it at first, but about 15 minutes in she had a meltdown. we are starting with a bit of separation anxiety these days…}

yay for lazy weekends! it was sunny but not too hot & we were able to keep the house pretty cool – always a win. how was your weekend?


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